Norwegian YouTuber and IRL streamer producing cinematic vlogs and interviews usually in collaboration with other content creators. From hosting events and networking, he has made numerous guest appearances on livestreams.

Collaboration Appearances

Hanwinters, RelicKris, NinaNeon, BongBong_IRL, BerryOi, Danbia7, Bunsenberry, Kentrakaze, Yubababoo, Pumpkin_Pim, CherLostHome, KikoVision, Rubsadventures, HitoriGS, Christophedara, Refuze_PC, ArufaPlus, Jetsssi, Zzimi_here, Somidony, EliseJang, Nekaria, Bottlehead, CashMeow, EXBC, shadowinfiltrator, attackOnGamez, DaneMFB, Tealunapi, 초사,
Stopkiddinstudio, Cherry Wallflower, bobelle3745

Events Hosted

Twitch Korea 2022 Halloween PartyPumpkin_pim, Hanwinters, Yubababoo, NatashaTV, EnigmaticFeeling, jonasrothmann, JustMingu, Sean, TobbyTravel
Support Itaewon BarSomidony, Yubababoo, Hanwinters, Yubababoo, NatashaTV, Jonasrothmann, JustMingu, Zzimi_here, Jetsssi, Joseph, Neom0nk, TobbyTravel
Seoul Cherry Blossom Picnic 2023Yubababoo, Hanwinters, TobbyTravel
The Hike Reunion 2023Hanwinters, IceCake1000, Jetsssi, TobbyTravel
Content & Friends Goodbye Meetup 2023zzimi_here, Icecake, DK, Barbera, Victoria, Amber, EliseJang, Jack, Marley, Cherry Wallflower, djxora, Mimi,Jaya, Jetsssi, TobbyTravel


Cat CafeInterview with a Abandoned Korean Cat Cafe manager
PC CafeKorean Internet Cafe (PC방) | Interview with staff | 2023
Manga CafeInterview with Zzimi's Anime & Coffee: A Manga Cafe in Seoul
CosplayerCosplay in Tokyo: Interview with FairyFox Lisa


Cinematic VlogThai locals wanted pictures with us | Ayutthaya | @Pumpkin_pim
Personal VlogCozy hike Vlog in Norway
Fighter promotionMuay Thai Training in Taiwan - Dimos
Cinematic VlogRaohe Night Market with @berryoivn in Taipei
Music VideoIdol Music Video | Behind the Scenes | @CherryWallflower
Cinematic VlogKorean Folk Village | Cinematic Vlog | @danbia5353
Cinematic VlogWolmido Korea | Cinematic Vlog | @bobelle3745
Cinematic PortraitYour Attention | Cinematic Portrait | @77hanwinters
Stream HighlightTokyo Winter: A day with RelicKris and CashMeow
Stream HighlightExperience Traditional Culture in Shinjuku with BongBong_IRL
Personal VlogEating Raw Octopus 산낙지 in South Korea with Danbia7
Stream HighlightExploring Itaewon with Hanwinters and Natasha
Stream HighlightTwitch Picnic with Yubababoo, Hanwinters, and Bobelle
Stream HighlightBunsenBerry Visits Hololive Cafe - Virtual YouTuber IRL Collaboration
Personal VlogArchery Cafe in Seoul with Kyra
Stream HighlightVisiting a Cat Cafe in Saigon with Nina Neon
Stream HighlightPlaying with Rats in Saigon with Nina Neon