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Hosted Events

Twitch Korea 2022 Halloween PartyPumpkin_pim, Hanwinters, Yubababoo, NatashaTV, EnigmaticFeeling, jonasrothmann, JustMingu, Sean
Support Itaewon BarSomidony, Yubababoo, Hanwinters, Yubababoo, NatashaTV, Jonasrothmann, JustMingu, Zzimi, Jetsssi, Joseph, Neom0nk

Interview Videos

Cat CafeInterview with a Abandoned Korean Cat Cafe manager
PC CafeKorean Internet Cafe (PC방) | Interview with staff | 2023
Manga CafeInterview with Zzimi's Anime & Coffee: A Manga Cafe in Seoul
IndividualCosplay in Tokyo: Interview with FairyFox Lisa

Collaboration Videos

Cinematic VlogWolmido Korea | Cinematic Vlog | @bobelle3745
Cinematic PortraitYour Attention | Cinematic Portrait | @77hanwinters
Stream HighlightTokyo Winter: A day with RelicKris and CashMeow
Stream HighlightExperience Traditional Culture in Shinjuku with BongBong_IRL
Video VlogEating Raw Octopus 산낙지 in South Korea with Danbia7
Stream HighlightExploring Itaewon with Hanwinters and Natasha
Stream HighlightExploring Itaewon with Hanwinters and Natasha
Stream HighlightBunsenBerry Visits Hololive Cafe - Virtual YouTuber IRL Collaboration
Video VlogArchery Cafe in Seoul with Kyra
Stream HighlightVisiting a Cat Cafe in Saigon with Nina Neon
Stream HighlightPlaying with Rats in Saigon with Nina Neon

Media Appearances

ActorStopkiddinstudioApril Fool's Day
OrganizerPumpkin_PimKorea Day 5 ♡ Hongdae, Pre-Halloween Party with lots of people
OrganizerSomidonySupporting "The Hike" Itaewon bar after the tragedy
Co-hostRelicKrisHost on the steet Tokyo Japan IRL Shibuya, Shinjuku - Challenge stream till 10am
Co-hostNina NeonCat Cafe "CATFE" with Nina Neon
Co-hostBongBong_IRL🇯🇵japan TOKYO with !tobby
Co-hostDanbia748h live - A man who only speaks English and a woman who can't speak English
Co-hostDanbia7IRL Korea Folk Village ( With Tobby)
Co-hostBunsenberryvTuber visits real Hololive Cafe
Co-hostKentrakazeKen Goes To South Korea! IRL Karaoke With A Twist??
Co-hostHanwinters🇰🇷Kor IRL : Sinchon Picnic
Co-hostHanwinters🇰🇷Kor IRL : Namsan남산 Itaewon이태원
Co-hostHanwintersKor IRL : It s Been A While IRL Kappa
Co-hostHanwinters🇰🇷Kor IRL: Karaoke and dart with Tobby
Co-hostHanwinters🇰🇷Kor IRL : Let s Go Driving
Co-hostHanwintersKor IRL : Seoul IRL Time Pog
Co-hostHanwintersKor IRL : Hongdae Guesthouse Tour
Co-hostHanwintersKor : Sausages Party on Valentine :) !clip
Co-hostHanwintersKor IRL : Hang out w/ VIPs KEKW
Co-hostHanwintersKor IRL : Cozy Bday Juseyo :0
Co-hostHanwintersKor IRL : First Time Climbing POG
Co-hostYubababooIRL Fashion week, wandering around Seoul/서울 [ENG/KR/LV]
Co-hostYubababooS.Korea IRL 🇰🇷 Short walk in Seoul!
Co-hostYubababoo🇰🇷 Another day in Seoul, mountains, buskers, and arcade
Co-hostYubababooS.Korea IRL 🇰🇷 Artist cafe, TobbyTravel, Danbia7 and just a fun time~ [📍천안/ Cheonan]
Co-hostYubababooIRL 🇰🇷 Meeting Tobby, shopping📍서울
Co-hostYubababooIRL 🇰🇷 Cat admiration and other weird shenanigans📍홍대/Hongdae
Co-hostYubababooIRL Fashion week, wandering around Seoul/서울
GuestCashMeowRIIIIIIIIIIIICE RUNNING! !guest |18+| Tokyo Japan
GuestBottleheadIRL Tokyo | EN/JP Let's go to the Christmas Festival🎅🎄
GuestNina NeonManga Festival Saigon Vietnam
GuestBongbong_IRL🇯🇵japan TOKYO day12!
GuestChristophedaraKorea | Seoul, Hongdae with New Friends !
GuestYubababooS.Korea IRL 🇰🇷 Flea markets and Food! [📍서울 / Seoul ]
GuestSomidony🇰🇷Kor IRL : Hongdae w/ Hommies
GuestHanwinters🇰🇷Kor IRL : New quality stream test
GuestRefuze_PCNight life Kabukicho Shinjuku
GuestArufaPlus[EN/JP] IRL Tokyo, Japan - Wednesday night in Shinjuku / 東京外配信 - 水曜の夜in新宿